Paper Revision

This week I submitted the revision to my manuscript. Without sounding too cheesy I really think that the software improved as a result of the review process. For example, it is now possible to run DESeq as an option for calculating gene expression statistics. This package makes it possible to do population-based statistics.

Revised manuscript:

There was one thing which I really couldn’t address, and that was a method for population-based statistics for alternative splicing. This is on my to-do list. Right now I am working on getting MISO running and plugging it in as an alternative back-end for the splicing analysis. As I understand it is really a technical P-value that it calculates (well, a technical Bayes factor). It might not be too hard to use the a posteriori PSI distributions that it calculates to generate a population based P-value or Bayes factor. But first I have to make the adapter script to serve the output through ExpressionPlot.

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