Exon array and RNA-Seq platforms have emerged as important tools for detecting changes in gene expression and RNA processing in biological samples. We have developed a software package called ExpressionPlot that can process both types of data and provides an easy-to-use exploratory web interface. The package consists of a back end, which processes and prepares the raw high-throughput data, and the web-based front end, which allows non-specialists to browse, visualize, and compare different data sets.

You can try out ExpressionPlot in one of these ways:

  • Our prototype server is running the front-end. It has pre-loaded a variety of public data sets related to the neurodegenerative disease ALS, as well as exon array and RNA-Seq tissue panels.
  • Download and run Expressionplot without changing your system using our VirtualBox Virtual Machine.
  • Download and install Expressionplot directly onto your web server with Regular Installation

Visit or join theĀ  ExpressionPlot google group to post questions or read older discussion about ExpressionPlot.

You can also take a look at our poster from ISMB 2010, or at the manuscript we’ve submitted describing ExpressionPlot (supplementary info).


ExpressionPlot was created by Brad Friedman while working as a postdoc with Prof. Tom Maniatis at Harvard University, and then Prof. David Housman at MIT, with support from Prof. Chris Burge, also at MIT.